King Curtis Fights Godzilla postcard web.jpg
Super King, World Domination, 28" x 20" lino cut on map
Tangerine Knockout MHC web.jpg
WALLINDIA / FUN & PRETTY,  19" x 41" x 6" Neon on cintra, 2014
The Illuminated King of WALLINDIA, Detail
The Illuminated King of WALLINDIA, 124"x54"x12",Wood, Steel, Brass, Lights
2000 Paillettes, Portrait of the Dictator, 60" x 48", paillettes on PVC and wood. 2014
A Birthday Crown for  King Curtis MHC web.jpg
Fun and Pretty MHC web.jpg
blueprint for a knockout MHC web.jpg
My Hero / Mon Heroine
PRE FUN & TTY MHC web.jpg
Super King saves the The Bay of Jules MHC web.jpg
The Kings Toy Piano MHC web.jpg
Tour De Wallindia Big MHC web.jpg
CW Bear Painting from Andy light.jpg
world domination ~ SuperKing.jpg
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