Curtis Wallin:

Wallin, an American sculptor, painter, scenic designer, is the creator and curator of a conceptual art initiative entitled WALLINDIA.  WALLINDIA was founded by Curtis and his wife, Julie, where he is King and she his consort and Queen.  The art of WALLINDIA is wide ranging, from monumental sculptures and iconographic light based relief sculptures to historical hand painted posters and billboards on barns.  The art of WALLINDIA is always expanding, creating the mythology and the faux propaganda of this wonderful country whose motto is "FUN & PRETTY".

Wallin was named one of the top 150 emerging artists in New York City in the prestigious CURATE NYC show at the Rush Gallery.  He was also named one of "Three to Watch" in the September/October 2012 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.  He had his first solo show at Open Source in Brooklyn in 2011. In addition, his landscapes were featured at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, in the "Postcards from the Trail" exhibition in 2012.

During his career, Wallin has designed the scenery and projections for more than 20 theatrical productions, concerts and operas working in both the classical and the avant-garde, including the Seattle Opera, San Francisco Opera, The Austrian Cultural Forum, UCLA, and Santa Fe Pro Musica. He also has consulted in Moscow on American musicals.  Wallin's garden designs and art were featured in the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center as well as the welcoming pavilion for the NYBG and their Children's Benefit Concert, "Peter Yarrow and Friends".  He is a member of United Scenic Artists and graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan.